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I take a

I take a number two in my school bathroom almost everyday I have class. I probably deserve paying the raised school tuition. LOL

When I was

When I was 21 years old, this old beat up cadillac with two high school kids inside drove out of their school parking lot and cut me off. When I honked, they started honking back at me, giving me dirty looks. I memorized the license plate number, and went to the school lot a week later and made 3 holes on the tires. I also shoved some potatoes up the exhause pipe, and stole the license plate. I think the car probably belong to his grandparents but oh well, he deserved it.

I keep waiting

I keep waiting for a phone call from this hot girl who I just cannot get attention from. Last time she said that she'd call me back was more than 2 years ago. Still I wait, wait for her phone call.

even though im

even though im so in love with my boyfriend, i still find myself attracted to some of the guys in my past relationships. i have gave in to the temptation in the past, but i will never do that again because my boyfriend is my everything... i wish i knew that when i made my mistakes, then i know i would have made the right choices.

Im so scared

Im so scared to love again. Ive been hurt so many times by guys who swear they will never leaev me, but they always do. Guys suck. they always break girls hearts and find another victim girl in like 1 second.

i want to

i want to grow old with my boyfriend, but i dont think we were meant to be together. sometimes i feel like we should just end it now so later on the breakup wont be too messy, but i luv him too much.

i am still

i am still in love with my ex but he is definitely over me...so i don't know what to do.

i can't help

i can't help but like someone i shouldn't....i have a boyfriend, but when the other guy stops paying attention to me, i miss him.

I'm avoiding a

I'm avoiding a friend, making up excuses every time he calls, because I know he wants to be more than just friends, and I don't feel the same way. I feel like I'm being rude, and I hate it when other people are rude to me....I'm such a hypocrit.

I've always hated

I've always hated the mexican gardeners or workers around every suburb, maybe cause of their incessant whistles and stares and cat calls. I always thought they were dirty and disrespectful especially towards girls. And as a result, I'm racist towards Mexicans! I'm so proud of myself (note the sarcasm)!

I've been with

I've been with my bf for so long now. I know i love him a lot but there's this guy that i can't stop thinking about. He seems to be TOO Perfect for me. THe problem is he also has a girlfriend. I have no intention to break his relationship or loose mine. but i just can't stop thinking about him.

i havent

i havent worn my retainers in a very very very long time. uh oh, my mom's gonna kill me.

I miss my

I miss my friends alot even though i cant admit it

I don't cheat

I don't cheat on tests not because I think it's unethical or some self-righteous BS reason that I usually tell people, but because i'm scared...scared of the consequences. And I don't care if people cheat off of me and get a better score. I would only care if I got caught letting other people cheat off of me. It's the truth and you know it.

i'm just tired.

i'm just tired. tired of everything. nothing is ever right. and there is no way to fix it.

I cheated on

I cheated on my exam last week and got a score of 102 percent. I used to get great feelings of achievement after cheating on exams, but now I'm starting to feel guilty.

I made up

I made up some lies to impress other people.

i told my

i told my gf that i had stopped liking a girl i used to date, but truth is i cant get over her, and its already been 10 months since me and the other girl broke it off, but i miss her a lot.