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licking girl

There is this girl of 12 years of age that's really nice looking(looks like dakota fanning) but quite creepy. She is a licking maniac and licks almost every object she gets her hands on. It would not be as weird until I picked up a pen she just used. I was just getting ready to write some notes, thinking of what to write with the pen near my nose. The end of the pen felt wet and it smelled, the smell was florally and honey-like, but really smelly. I last saw her on the phone and while she was talking, she would occasionally lick the receiver. I smelled the receiver and sure enough it had the same smell. I did a search about smelly grime and found that some people have smelly tongues. I don't know how to approach her about that but I think I will have to someday. The smell is tolerable and very sweet though but stale at the same time.

Unrequited love

I have become so obsessed with someone who obviously doesn't feel the same way. I have tried to tell my myself that I should just get over it but I can't. This man has become the only thing I ever think about and it is driving me insane but I can't help it. I see him all the time and every conversation we have only makes me more in love. I don't know what to do.

Im Sorry

She was so nice to me. She loved me for who i was. She was great looking. She was perfect. She Loved me. I hated her. I despised her. I insulted her. I made her feel bad. I made her cry.I never answered her pleas or cries. I dont know why. Now that she is gone, i miss her more than anything in the world. No other girl will ever be as good as her. Now, i dont accept any girl that shows any attraction towards me. I miss her so much sometimes, but she wont answer my calls, and i dont know were she lives. All i want is to see her again.

Love my friends girlfriend

I am in love with my best friends girlfriend. We are close and I look forward to seeing her and chatting with her every night.

Van Morrison

I'm a musician for pay. There are some songs which the crowd loves but I loathe. Whenever I have to play Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" in an attempt to win back their favor after losing their attention during a ryan adams song, I want to kill them. They are not worth life.


your cat didn't accidentally get out of the house one day, i let it out...

i eat til it hurts

i eat and eat and eat..until i cant eat anymore. til my stomach hurts. and when it stops hurting, i continue to eat. i always think about food and i want it all the time. when i am sad, i eat. when i am happy...another excuse to eat. I am not obese by any means, so no one would ever know...I joke sometimes about always being hungry...but no one really knows. I just cant seem to help myself from eating. I fantasy about eating, my day revolves around it. i am eating right now. i eat out of boredom. i eat for any reason I can think of. I clean my plate every time and want more.


I love an imaginary person but I can't stop dreaming about them. I dream that one day he will become real...

I'm sorry

I've lied to you and I don't know how to tell you. I know I'm going to lose you and I don't know what that to happen...


I'm a relatively attractive guy in my mid-20's. There's a secretary about ten years older than me in my office. She's a bit overweight, but has an amazing smile and eyes. I go crazy for her every time I see her. I can barely stand it.

EX-Girlfriend - Dating Site

I have to tell someone.....I recently found out my ex-girlfriend posted her profile on a couple of dating sites. I happened to find this out and decided it would be fun to mess with her, so I broke into her profile and changed some of the basic facts about her.....she doesn't have any kids...but I thought it would be fun if I changed this to 5 kids..all living with her and she has never been married. I put she likes bald men. Nothing harmful...but just enough to get some interesting responses I imagine. She's so clueless that it might take her months before she figures out that her profile has been changed....... I feel bad about this, but I just find it so funny to think these old bald dudes are responding to her profile....she's probably thinking.... what's wrong with me that I only get these types of responses.....anyways thought someone else might find this funny. Laters. Happy to Be Single Again ps - To all you girls.... never take a good man for granted, because you might lose him and never find someone as good.

Oh so stuck..

i am realy stuck! my two best frends and i all seem to lyk the same guy!! 2 years ago he asked me out but it didnt work, so i pretended that i had gone off him. Since then we have become good friends and recently things are beginning to pick up. But now i think he might ask me out again because i think we have both changed a lot. (we were only 12 at the time!) But if he does, i cant possibly say yes because: My best friends would never forgive me, especially as they don't know i ADORE him, and I already have an on/off boyfriend. But seeing as the relationship is currently OFF i think this guy i really like might ask me out! What should i do?? Say yes and lose two best friends? Or say no and lose a best friend and love of my life??!!

Too cold

You're really upsetting me right now. You're being cold and unfriendly and putting up defenses, then you just pretend it's some big joke. I was really looking forward to seeing you this week but you blew me off every time with excuses that were very, very weak. It's pissing me the off now.

I Am Sorry

i am actually fed up of this life lying to my parents.......... i reaelly feel like crying it all everything to them and ask them to forgive me........ i know for some time lying does save u bt it puts u into a greater amount of problems......... i have recognized that....... i dont understand how am i going to say about it to my parents........ please god help me .......... forgive me just for once for all the wrong things i have donw in my life............. i want another chance to prove myself to my parents and relatives........... i dont want to break the trust they have in me........... please god forgive me for my sins.............

my best friend's cousin

My best friend had a birthday party and as soon as I walked in I was all over her cousin. Everyone noticed. That was over a month ago. We talk and I want him so bad and I still have no idea how he feels about me and I'm too scared to ask.

Worried about job

I work at a lumber store and im completely insecure about my job. I am very worried about losing it. I havent went to college and have no additional schooling other from hs. I feel like i will never get a career that i like and feel very depressed. I feel like ive done nothing to benefit myself. Now i have to many bills to go back to school and to be honest dont want to. I feel i would not put enough effort into and just fail. This feeling sucks so bad.

I lie about things so people will respect me

i lied about my SAT scores i really scored 80 points less. i lied about which schools i got into. i lied about my romantic relationship.


I miss her more than i could ever tell her. I feel guilty for being so far away, and i constantly worry that there's someone else. I love that girl so much...