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I am so in love with a married woman. I think of her every minute of the day. I am consumed with the idea of being with her. She is so beautiful. I can't get her out of my mind. I can only dream of one day spending my life growing old with her. I love everything about her.
a little lost
im 14 years old almost soon to be 15. this year i started drinking and going to partys to drink. now i think about drinking alot and recently i even stole stuff from a store. i feel terrible. now i smoke to relieve stress and the other day i did drugs. everything is going insnae i want to stop i dont know how. and now im lying to my mom i just dont even know what to do about my life anymore
when ever i
when ever i go to someone's house I steal toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, hair gel, forks, etc. because i'm too cheap and lazy to go to the store and buy it myself
Im in love
Im in love with th same guy my best friend is in love with. I think he felt the same way until I got drunk and came onto him. Now he wont talk to me and Im terrified she will fInd out. I still love him though
Me and two of my friends do everything together. Whenever one of us go over each other's house, we always invite the others. Like, just the three of us, other than our other friends. But, I'm getting annoyed with my other friend. I told them a secret, and my friend (lets call her Stinky :P) always makes jokes about it, when its serious, and its not funny at all. My other friend is totally fine about it. Now, Stinky also is trying to have my other friend all to herself or something dumb like that, and its so annoying, that if we go to the movies, my other friend goes 2 hours earlier, when I meet them at the theater. Stinky invites my friend to the beach, then practically rubs it in my face. I'm starting not to like her at all, but I don't want to end the friendship just like that. Plus, it might affect my friendship with my other friend. What the hell am I supposed to do?
Its my fault im like this
I dont know myself anymore, and havent for a long time. I seem to have no character, but act more as an empty vessel. "Character"'s run through me like phantoms, but i dont know who i really am. I've hurt people close to me, rejecting theyr support, because im confused of how i should act. So i shut myself down, and put my barriers up. Iv found slight solitude in work, and have good grades, but iv lost the things that mattered. Im alone now, but noone sees. Its my fault.
i lied
i lied when i said i wanted you, i just needed someone for the night. but now i feel ashamed and i think we shouldn't see each other anymore. and maybe one day this will just go away and we can be friends again.
I read my girlfriend's diary. She's cheated so many times (at least 6). I hate her and love her. I want to really confront her for it but i believe in privacy rights. I think she's probably cheating now.
I often fantasize of dying (often by drowning) and being revived by my current crush or by someone I find cute on tv. I have had this fantasy since I was little. I don't know why I feel this way. I also enjoy watching characters coming close to death and being saved/revived in in movies/tv. I get butterflies in my stomach and it excites me.
my best friend
I'm in love with my best friend. She's my other best friend's 3 year exgirlfriend. She's in a very serious relationship and I think they'll eventually get married. I don't know if i'll ever tell her.
I'm losing one
I'm losing one of my close friends. The thing that sucks is that we are not trying to make things better.
some grandparents suck.
i have been without a girl friend for 5 years i am 23 about to be 24. I have only been with 3 girlfriend in my whole life. And we are no longer friends. i was a guy that showed them respect and a good time.I must have tried to hard i will never fin a woman friend sometimes inner and a movie is just what the dr orderd after a long week some woman should learn to respect a goo man to keep them company.
cold shoulder
I am very botherd becuse tommarow i am gonna get rejected for a apartment after staying in my current apt for 4 years. after all the hard work and now we have to start over agian this photo is the only that gives me courage to be turned own becuse of the people i stay with blood is thicker than water they say
actor partner
My boyfriend is an actor and I'm worried he will have no time for me or he will end up with another actress. I think this complex comes from the fact that my ex-painter love dumped me bec he wanted to find another painter.
I still love you after all these years
C - You tore my heart out but going off with someone else in 1992. I knoqw yooure married with kids. I have been married for 7 years but couldnt stop myself from contacting you to see how you are doing. That has brought back all the feelings I had for you then. After all these years I realise I still love you
whenever i steal
whenever i steal my roommates food, i eat it in the bathroom so he doesn't find out.
at the mall,
at the mall, i spit from the 2nd floor to the 1st and hit a bald guy on the top of his shiny head. i feel bad because i probably targeted him becuase he was bald when that is not the case. i was just aiming for anyone.
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