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i have been without a girl friend for 5 years i am 23 about to be 24. I have only been with 3 girlfriend in my whole life. And we are no longer friends. i was a guy that showed them respect and a good time.I must have tried to hard i will never fin a woman friend sometimes inner and a movie is just what the dr orderd after a long week some woman should learn to respect a goo man to keep them company.
cold shoulder
I am very botherd becuse tommarow i am gonna get rejected for a apartment after staying in my current apt for 4 years. after all the hard work and now we have to start over agian this photo is the only that gives me courage to be turned own becuse of the people i stay with blood is thicker than water they say
actor partner
My boyfriend is an actor and I'm worried he will have no time for me or he will end up with another actress. I think this complex comes from the fact that my ex-painter love dumped me bec he wanted to find another painter.
I still love you after all these years
C - You tore my heart out but going off with someone else in 1992. I knoqw yooure married with kids. I have been married for 7 years but couldnt stop myself from contacting you to see how you are doing. That has brought back all the feelings I had for you then. After all these years I realise I still love you
whenever i steal
whenever i steal my roommates food, i eat it in the bathroom so he doesn't find out.
at the mall,
at the mall, i spit from the 2nd floor to the 1st and hit a bald guy on the top of his shiny head. i feel bad because i probably targeted him becuase he was bald when that is not the case. i was just aiming for anyone.
3 Month Wait
I don't know what I'm supposed to do with him. He knew he was leaving, and he still made me fall in love with him. Now, I only have three months with him until I never see him again. I love you, baby. I really do.
righting the ship
The girl who I was madly in love with, who I pledged to marry and wasted a year of my life pleading to stay with me, who used me and abused me and dumped me after a week apart... ...is now working in a dead-end job where her expensive debts and ambitions are slowly wasting away. Meanwhile, across the river, I'm working on Wall Street and making six-figures. I let her know these brutal truths when I ran into her last. She cried.
i want my ex to be jealous of my new relationship
Here's the deal. I'm in a loving, commited, fantastic relationship that I know will lead to marriage. We've been best friends for a couple of years and he's seen me through the best and worst times in my life. He also witnessed my emotional rollercoaster with my ex. This ex was a guy I dated on and off for about 3 almost 4 years. We never ended up in a commited relationship. It really only consisted of whenever I was in town, we'd hook up. There was a time I loved him, but knew he was just having his fun with me. He would tell me that after all he finished dating other people and I finished dating other people, that we'd get married. That he wanted me, more than anyone else. After going through this for almost 4 years, living off of the crumbs of attention he'd throw my way, I finally put an end to it and cut off communication. If the man really wanted me, he would have made sure no one else had me. So now, I'm dating this amazing man who's loved me all along and who I never gave a second thought to. I never thought I'd be this happy and all I do is think about our future. He completes me in every way. So why do I still get a thrill out of knowing that the ex has heard about my new relationship? Why do I get a little jolt imagining running into him and telling him I'm engaged and am so happy without him? Does this mean I'm still not over it? Because I'd never want to be with this guy. I just want him to realize he could have had an amazing woman and he blew it.
The sight of my 'him' makes me want to projectile vomit from every orifice on my body. What he did to me, I can never forgive, I can never forget..
leaving love
I am about to move to a new state again for the second time this year, and leave a girl that I want more than anything, she doesnt know Im going yet. The first time I went 600 miles away and she called me after I left to tell me she wanted me. Im an idiot. and her boyfriend is a jerk.
I have been managing a small hedge fund that has recently lost a lot of money 90%. The clients do not know as I intend to make it back, although, 2 are looking to get out of it entirely. And they happen to be my biggest investors. I do not have the capital though and am afraid to tell them as I have a family to provide for.
i enjoy,
sending fake photos to people and making up lives to go with them
I did it on pourpose
A friend of mine whom I havn't seen in a while because we live in diffrent towns came out to see me at a local sporting event. She came to see me. I talked to her a little bit. She didnt know anyone else there at all. Then I left to hang out with my friends. She got mad at me. What she doesn't know is that I wanted to make her mad.
I have loved you since 7th grade and now 20 years later we are finally together. You were the one all along and you never even knew it..........neither did I! I love you
Sometimes when I
Sometimes when I see hot girls on the road, I follow them just for the hell of it. I don't stalk on them or anything, but it's just fun. I can't help it. It's like there's some kind of magnetic force pulling me to them. I hope none of them noticed and got scared.
my girlfriend thinks
my girlfriend thinks im in love with her.. but the more time that passes... the more i grow apart from her and realize that she is not the one for me.. i know she loves me and that is why it is so hard for me to break her heart and tell her how i feel...
im scared to lose a friend and hurt someone i care about..
I am married to a great guy, I truely love him. A fews months ago I found a number in his cell phone, it was some girl he had been hanging out with. He promises me they were only friends and nothing happened, but I don't know if I will ever really be able to fully trust him again. We have become closer since then but how do you get past this? I have been maticulous in my searching and spying since then. I look through the phone records and email and anything else to see if I can find any evidence of the two of them talking, she is younger than him and is very FAT. I'm thinner and I think prettier than she is and I'm still angry about it. I have told her to stay away, and I've even thought of spying on her. I know its creepy but I want vendication and revenge. She almost ruined my marriage!!!!!!!
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