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i'm trying to shine.
my mom and i have had a pretty rocky relationship with a lot of ups and downs. she just divorced my dad, so i only see her about half of the time i used to. i recently survived a really bad accident, and it's given me a new outlook on life. i now feel that life is so precious and fragile, you should do the things that make you happy all the time. as long as it doesn't harm other people, do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. it's important to look at the big picture, but it's also important to not focus on that so hard that you lose sight of what's right in front of you. it's important to be happy as much as possible. you need to do what's right by you, because you are the only person you'll have to live with forever. my mom doesn't seem to share the same perspective as me. she believes that it's important to be yourself and be happy, but she thinks it's only okay within certain social guidelines. we just argued for an hour about me getting my nose pierced, because she refuses to let me do it and says that if i really want it and feel that passionate about it, i'll just wait until i'm 18 and don't need parental consent. but from my viewpoint, if i want to do something now that has no long term effects and basically no short term effects, why wait? if i want it now, i should be able to do it now. when i'm eighteen i might not even want to get my nose pierced anymore. it's not like i'll regret wanting it, it's just a feeling. i understand that she doesn't like it and it's not how she pictured me, but it is up to me. in the long run, this really has no significance whatsoever. i guess my real frustration is with the fact that my own mom and i have such different viewpoints and i can't seem to get her to understand where i'm coming from. she says she understands everything i'm saying, and i don't really believe her. it's one thing to comprehend what someone is saying, and it's another to actually understand. she thinks that i want this piercing to somehow complete a part of myself, to heal a part of myself. well i'm healing all the time, and something like a nose ring isn't going to fix anything. she always tells me that i'm so intelligent and beautiful and i don't need a nose ring to feel pretty, but it's really not about that at all. i want to get my nose pierced because i like the way it looks. i had told her that it'll put me in a good mood, the same way a new pair of shoes or a necklace would make me feel. no one puts on new shoes and is indifferent, it always makes you feel kinda cool. so now i'm just sitting in my room freezing, and trying to get over this whole stupid fight about nothing.
Just Say No""
Just Say No" is easier than you think. I just wish I knew that before. Because now it's killed who I am inside. Who have I become?"
I miss my ex-husband
I have been with a nice guy for 9 months yet I think about my ex-husband daily. I miss all of our inside jokes, the way he made me laugh and how he looked out for me. My current guy doesn't cut it.
We have been in the same class 3rd to 7th grade. We never spoke to each other but I have had a crush on him since about 4th grade. I never saw him since 7th (only once from a distance on the street). I'm now in 11th grade, only had one stupid boyfriend for a few days 3 years ago, never even kissed a guy. I can't stop thinking about him. I want him so much but in reality I don't even know him and he probably doesn't remember me. I can't find anyone else I like. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places... It's so frustrating!
i don't love him
man do i have something to tell. I don't love my x boyfriend. And to tell the truth he was only really in the picture because it was easy and practical for me. he lived down the block and he would walk my dog for me when i was at school or working. Now I just want him gone. He isn' t every smart, I thought he might have some common sense and boy was i wrong. He writes like he speaks and puts the wrong verb tense and other things. It drives me crazy. He is also an "Indian giver" no offense given. He bought me a few outfits through out the relationships and now he wants them back. For what just so that I wont have them. So childish. I gave him things and haven't asked for them back. you give out of love not because they are with you. wow. But you wanna know something I don't care. He can be like that he's get his in the end. That's why Ive found some one else, better. In bed much better. He is a go getter that is what i want. so long you
.. its a crush
I have an crush.. very much unrequited with this hottie baseball player that is in some of my classes. I am not an ugly chick.. if I actually try I can look like a hottie myself but damn this dude is a mystery to me! Why the hell do we always want things at are just out of reach!??
Tae Kwon Do Tear Up
So I just finished a martial arts class and I must confess that I really went to far while sparring them. It all goes back about two weeks ago when a new 24 year old student joined ( I am 17). He bore a white belt and I introduced myself and my brother to him, took him under our wing if you will. Then we begin to sparr towards the end of class (sparring is controlled fighting). I go easier on him then other students since he was "just beginning" but as it turns out he was almost my belt at another school. Things are going fine until he punches me square in the chest with all his might. I slam against the wall and punch a huge hole in the lower floor boards. Reeling in pain I get up only to have him hit me again. After that class I swore, I would return the favor and I did. I did it tonight in front of the whole school. Kicked the living heck out of him and to be perfectly honest... I was embarassed. I was embarassed that a little jerk like him got the best of me. And in front of fellow students and their parents, those who look up at me, I set a horrible example. I just wanted to confess that I am sorry to my students, my teacher and my school. It will never happen again... and kyle ( this was the kids name)... you had it coming
I don't think the guy my friend likes would make a good couple
So there's this guy that my friend likes. But I don't really think they make a good couple because I think me and the guy she likes are soulmates. We have so much in common. I'm afraid to tell her this because she'll probably get mad and say that I am "stealing" the guy she likes and im gonna ask him out or something. I'm not really attracted to him but if he did ask me out I think I'd say yes. We're like totally soulmates!! Thanks for listening.
Moving Away From Family
I just had a baby and feel the need to get the hell out of WV where we have horrible hospitals and schools. We will be moving to NC where they have excellent schools, great hospitals, jobs, better weather, and friendlier people. Everything is good about it, except I am 100 percent crushed and broken hearted to be moving away from my mother. I have never loved my mother so much until I had a baby of my own. I think it will tear me to pieces to leave her. My mom and dad won't move with me, and that breaks my heart even more. I'm taking their grandchild away from them. I'm robbing my baby of the best grandmother in the world. I'm hurting so badly. I know it's the right thing to do, but it feels so wrong. I can't stay here, but I can't go without my mother. I feel so stupid.
i still love you
we spent five years together and i can't get rid of you, i still love you--i hope i didn't throw your potential away... i still love you, what should i do? dammmit!!
my ex-boyfirend
the thing is, when i saw that you spent our old anniversary day with your new girlfriend, i felt a pang of.. i don't know.. old times. we were together five years, and i tried so hard to make it work. and the last time we were together, you broke up with me. our love was so tumultuous.. and you really were an awful boyfriend... but god damn it, i loved you so very much. and i felt a pang of that. .. as much as i felt that, a part of me feels sorry for your new girlfriend, since you were a huuge money sink and took alot of emotional tending. unless you changed, because you have everything- eveyrthing a girl could want, if you've mended your ways...i guess i'll never know. and i made my choice to say goodbye.... haha. although you are wearing my hat in your new pic with your naieve new gf... hahaha. omg, what was i thinking?... i don't know anything anymore.
I love my Bestfriends Ex-BF
I love my bestfriend's ex-boyfriend. I know that my bestfriend is only holding onto him becase she wants him "just in case". She already has her eye on another guy. And it kills me inside, I really want to tell him. He's so sweet to her and she's a b .Ughhhhhhh....
She left me
I met a girl 6 months ago. I fell in love with her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was missing work and getting depressed from thinking about her so much. I was the happiest I had ever been when she asked me out. Since then, I got texts saying she was never ever going to leave me, that she loved me more then anyone shed ever loved before, that she wanted to have me forever. Then she left me for someone else.
20+ year age difference...and I DON'T CARE!
I'm a 19 year old female college student currently involved with someone over 20 years older than me. If I tell anyone I'll lose all their support, but if I lose him, I'll be destroyed.
I'm so lonely I just started kissing the chocolate lips someone left on my desk as a Valentine's treat. Sigh.
in elementary school in the 4th grade my class with another class was going to the state capital. we stopped at burger king for breakfast and we got alot a napkins and a straw for milk...(Mischeiviess grin) I liked to make every one look at me so i made the rest of the way fun. I spit spitballs at everyone on the bus! it was a really fancy bus. It had small tv screnes so I shot some at that, i shot some a the window near a boy i liked. Then i shot one up to the front and it landed in one of the popular girls hair! she lived by me and got so mad at me! I had to sit by the teacher on the way back which really stunk cause that meant no talking with my friends....
i just got a tattoo of my husband's name on the back of my neck and the idiot hates it!
I wish
I wish I could just up and leave my partner but I still feel slightly sorry for him..... I can't do anything right, I'm always crying and just want to go. I need a hug.