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Mom is a burden
My dad left my mom 5 years ago when I was 20. Mom was sick at the time so I had to work while in collage and pay all the bills. I thought mom would bounce back in a year or two but she didn't at all, she didn't even seem to try. Now her health is fine but she is totally depressed and defeated. She doesn't work, she has no money, and depends on me for everything. I love her so much and would never dream of not caring for her, but I hate that I'm 25 and burdened by this. I can't move out of the city even though I'd love to go see the world. She calls me at least once a week and totally depresses me. If I don't go visit her for a few days in a row she gets practically suicidal. And what makes it worse is my older sister doesn't do half of what I do, she''s going to get married and move soon and leave me with all the responsibility. I just wish I could be free to live my life and that mom could be a happy, productive person.
my biggest regret
I have a great guy friend who I know deep down I'm in love with. 3 years ago we did a lot of clubbing together and then one night he asked me to go home with him. I was really inexperienced at the time and in a panic I said maybe it wasn't a good idea. Well he felt like a total jerk for it and never came on to me again. I got a boyfriend not long after but always wished I could have this guy instead. Now my boyfriend and I are really serious, and my guy friend has a great girlfriend. But I still no deep down that I'd do anything to be with him. I love everything about him, he's the ideal man. I'm going to regret saying no to him for the rest of my life.
Slacker grad student
I'm a grad student, but I'm really only doing it because I couldn't get a job without a masters degree. I don't really like my project or care about anything at school. Everyone else in my lab are real keeners, it drives me crazy. Most days I don't even bother to go to school, I go out with my dog or play computer games. I'm scared of what I'll do when I finish, I think everyone probably thinks I'm a horrible student. It sucks because I know I'm capable of great things, I'm just so no motivated.
I think I'm settling. I've been with a guy for 3 years. We broke up last year and were both heart broken, so we got back together. Things are much better but I feel like in the long run, we're not meant to be, we're just too different. I'm sure people look at us and wonder what I'm doing with him. Now we're getting a place together and talking about marriage. I know now is the time to get out, but I'm not going to. What a dumb girl I am.
I stay in my marriage for the benefit of my son. I am no longer in love my wife.
I have lied to her about everything
I have lied to my girlfriend about almost every facet of my life for the last 3 years; virtually nothing of what she believes about me is true.
Your illness
I'm sorry you have a mental illness. I'm so sorry sometimes you say the worst things imaginable to me. I know you can't help it and it's not true. I'm even more sorry I fight back. I don't want to or even mean to, but I do. I'm sorry I always think you're wrong. It has come to me that I was wrong along the way as well. I'm sorry if I have devalued you because of your illness. I'm sorry I haven't treated my husband the way he deserves to be treated.
i hate some people... and i dipped their toothbrushes in a dirty toilet once. Never, Never NEVER piss me off.
Party On
Last night, my friend and I called the cops on our neighbors while they were having a party. 3 showed up, and although I feel bad about it, I am glad that they got in trouble. :)
I'm scared
I'm scared that one day my boyfriend will see me for what I really am and leave me. He makes me so happy and says that he loves me, but I find it really hard to accept that anyone could love me for what I am. I suffer with depression and low self-esteem, which makes me feel useless and my last relationship was with a physically and psychologically abusive guy. He lived with me for 15 months and I got used to being treated badly, so now I flinch if my boyfriend raises his voice at me and I constantly apologise if I think I've done anything wrong. I try to tell him what's wrong, but because he cares so much, he ends up interrupting me to tell me that I'm not fat, or stupid, or useless, which is very sweet, but then I feel like he doesn't really value what I am saying to him. I hate what I am, and the fact that I feel that I have no control over changing it. I wish I was a better person, because he deserves someone so much better than me.
I don't think anyone will ever love me, and I can't even imagine reasons for why someone might find me attractive. I have no confidence, and no-one to give me confidence.
Hope she is doing well
Twenty-seven years ago I dumped a girl after a night of kissing on a school trip. I'm sure she felt she was being used, but I really did it because of the age difference (17 and 14). I was cowardly and did not want to be known as a senior who could only get a freshman girlfriend. I rarely spoke to her after that, and wish today that I knew whatever became of her so I could apologize -- not for the kissing, but for the horribly degrading way I just told her to get lost the next day.
I'm leaving
I hate this country. I'm leaving when I have enough money. And I'm not telling anybody. I'd put money on the fact that nobody will come looking for me.
When I was younger, I found a jewelry box full of my mom's old things. I took it into my room because I wanted to wear her old jewelry. Well, my parents came into my room to forcefully clean it. (I lost a snake in the house and couldn't find it). Anyway, to save my own butt, I threw the jewelry box away. My mom is still looking for it. I feel like such a piece of garbage.
Not again
i have liked you since high school but then moved on thinking i would never see you again anyway...then when you added me on Facebook i thought maybe. Robert the only man i ever loved used to effect me and give me a feeling like none other. my biggest fear was that i would never find someone else that could make me feel the same way he did, but i think you can and that scares the hell out of me. i will bail soon if i don't see the same sort of signs from you. i have been hurt before and can't survive another heartbreak like the one robert gave me. if you feel it show me....if you don't tell me so i can move on. i do believe in love but i don't believe two people can love each other at the same time, please fall in love with me, please love me so i can keep falling for you and have you catch me. last time i fell no one caught me.
Destructive love for luweez
i used to be really good friends with this girl called Louise. I really liked her and i could tell she felt the same way. I didn't know how to act around her after we started flirting. I started acting like a real jerk. Only recently have i started to become friends with her again and i recently found out she was going to ask me out before i screwed up. Im kicking myself as i still really like her, but i don't think she knows that anymore.
I made my mom breakup with her boyfriend
I made my mom breakup with her boyfriend because i dont like him. its not that there is anything wrong with him, he just irks my nerves. I think that he is so annoying and repulsive!! every time that i see him i get this urge to hit him over the head with a 2 by 4. He's a big dumb animal! I hate when i come home and see his stupid truck. he's at my house more than i am!! sometimes he'll just come over to take a nap, or to eat our food, or to just hang out when no one else is even home! He doesnt have a job, he doesnt have a house, he doesnt have any money! and by no money, i mean that he has NO money, all he does is sit on his butt all day while he collects unemployment checks! i work 6 days a week and go to school full time, and he doesnt do anything and makes money for it! and then he marches around all high and mighty like hes better than everyone! oh, and you dont even want to tell him what you think! no one else is able to state their opinion around him unless its the same as his. there was this one time where he started yelling at me one time because i was singing a song that he didnt like, then proceeded to tell me why i shouldnt like it because its bad and how no one should ever listen to the kind of music that i do because it puts bad ideas in your head and blah blah blah! he's a hypocrate! i was looking through his cds one day and he listens to the same music that i do! then there was this one time where he was saying some kind of mean things about his ex wife while his daughter was around and she walked up because she was upset, so i went to go talk to her. like 5 minutes later i was talking to my mom and he over heard me say that his daughter was upset because he was talking smack. So then he got all up in my face and told me that i was messed in the head and that i was talking out of my butt and how i dont know anything!! how is he going to yell like that to me in MY house? I didnt do anything other then relay a message to my mom as to why his daughter was upset. Im just venting right now, in all truth, he isnt that bad of a person. actually, he's really nice. And i dont know why i hate him so much. my mom and him have been dating for almost 2 years, i should be over it by now. And he makes my mom soo happy! you should hear all the mushy love stuff she says about him. she is so in love! and im happy that she is, but i just dont like him....so...i sat down with my mom and expressed my dislike for him, and why i dont like him and then she broke up with him the very next day. i didnt actually mean for her to end the relationship...
I think that my boyfriend is out of my league and I wonder if sometimes I am settling. But I know the grass is never greener.