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im so sick and tired of missing you and loveing you and shoveing you out of my life. im tired of being afraid. Of rejection and that cold shoulder you always push at me. But most of all im tired of holding on.i dont understand Why you have such a craveing and desire to put others down. How the attention is always on you, and how you think everything you say is right, when really your always wrong. I dont like the way you talk to me. I dont like the way you look at me. I cant stand you but its so worth seeing you. the only reason i cant make eye contact is because when i look into your eyes i want to see coldness and rejection but i know i wont. ill see the same eyes that have watched me grow and love and yell and cry and hold on and...let go
Woo me
I have recently turned 18 and I have never been on a date. Im a loser and I am afraid life wont get better.
I dont know what to do..
Well I have a boyfriend that I like. But I dont love.. We've been dating for about 6 months now, and I dont think my feelings are going to change becuase I know I love my ex.
Im so sick of this
My younger sister has a severe form of bipolar disorder (with characteristics of schizophrenia) and my parents will not snap out of their denial. It tears me apart seeing her like this day after day. Her personality changed drastically in a short period of time. Its almost as if she died. She had a complete breakdown before they finally took her to the doctor. He put her on meds but suggested my parents take her to a psychiatrist. They never did. The meds seemed to have worked for the extreme mood swings and hallucinations for a few weeks, but then she started talking to thin air again. Now its been a year. Shes only 17 and shes a hermit. She has isolated herself, barely speaks(except to people that arent there) and just watches tv all day long. This frustrates me to no end. My parents are good people. They have always supported us and I know they love us, but wont even try to face this. I keep saying its only going to get worse but they dont want to listen to me. I dont know what to do anymore. Nobody in this damn family wants to talk about whats happened, our feelings about it, etc. Lets all put on a happy face and pretend like everythings just fine*rolls eyes* I fear I will end up having to live with and support her my whole life after my parents are gone. I dont want that responsibility...
I am 20 years old and never had a boyfriend. I am that girl you hear about that is so sad because she never kissed a boy ... let alone even had a date before. I don't feel like a loser, but some days it is hard not to. The thing is I am completely taken with a guy that doesn't even know how I feel about him. He will never know. We are somewhat friends, but nothing more. Such is my life.
I don't love my husband. I married him because he's brilliant and successful. We have a good marriage. Not a soul in the entire world suspects that I am completely indifferent to him. I could win an Oscar for my performance as The Loving Wife.
I think I love him..
I think I love him. I miss him right now. I wish I would have told him how I felt before he left today. He knows, I'm sure. We're friends, right? We laugh and share every confession with the exception of our heart's desire. So I settle for glances which often feel as warm as fingertips. I imagine his hands holding mine. I imagine the coolness of his kiss on my forehead. And everything that could be. But perhaps, this is something better left unsaid. I'd rather wait for this knot in my throat to subside. I'd rather see another his side, not because I want to be a masochist, but because I think I love him. And I want him to be happy. I want him to be loved in the truest and most beautiful of ways. He deserves a love that can be felt in the flesh. I've learned that some dreams cease to be dreams in the light, and become something undesirable outside of the confines of the mind. My confession, once spoken, might cease to exist. And if that's the case, I'd rather love him forever in a lucid dream.
bad idea
I have a huge crush on my boss. He's married, and I don't believe in being with married men, but something feels so right about him. He has a crush on me too. The worst part is that his wife's sister just started working with us. She really likes me, and wants to be my friend. I like her, too, but I feel so guilty about crushing on her sister's husband.
Don't Feel The Same
im in love with someone i shouldnt be in love with. weve been together for awhile now..and i know they dont feel the same anymore...that they're not in love with me but they love me. i wish they felt the way they used to.
i hate myself
there is no one to blame but myself and i am so afraid
He uses me - after 20 years. I hate him.
I have another MSN account so I can use it as a disguise to manipulate people and break up my friends' relationships.
my boyfriend is overweight...and although i love him dearly, i know i would be far more attracted to him if he lost the weight.
High Tolerance
My alcohol tolerance skyrocketing 2 years ago when I became an alcoholic. A 12-pack won't even get me messed up, and that's pretty sad because drinking is expensive.
I am a sick man
i promised my grandson that we would go to Chicago for four months, then told him that we weren't going. He had saved up £250 for this trip. He wanted to go and see his beloved Chicago Bears play, but i messed him around. What shall i do?
love is depressing
I've liked the same girl for the past 3 years. I always do stuff for her but she has no idea i did it. The other day i found out she just got a boyfriend. It's so depressing cause this guy isn't as smart as me, not as nice to her as me, way fatter than me and is ugly. Even her best friend is with me on this one. What is wrong with me, she picked someone like that over me...
The Typical Cliché, I Suppose.
And it really IS a typical cliché. Screwed-up romance with a high-school setting. Girl goes through school in ignorant bliss, popular - but with all the wrong people. She's sometimes happy, she's sometimes sad - she lives a good enough life to survive on. After a few years of this she sees this guy, whos always been there. . .but it's taken her this long to actually SEE him. She hates him - his cocky sarcasm, his confident arrogance - and yet he won't get out of her head, he just won't. Oh, but if only he didn't hate her as intensely as she hates him. . . Unfortunately, it's so damn impossible for him to return the love. He's gorgeous. Talented. . .at pretty much everything. She's that typical "girl next door" type. Pretty in your average kinda way. Dresses like a total freak. Acts like a dude most of the time. As annoying as hell. Got no girl friends and thousands of guy friends. Oh, but isn't this the beautiful irony of an overused cliché. . . ?
My brother was in a motorcyle accident last June. I was the last person to see him before it happened. The last words he ever heard were "I hope you die". And he did. I will never, ever stop feeling guilty.
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