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on the inside

The real reason I play music on the street side is so that a cute girl will be amazingly impressed with the only thing i'm good at and love me for what it is I do, not the things I can buy her or what I have to tell her.


I've quite obviously suffered from depression most of my life. Though I never seeked any sort of treatment, mostly because I was worried it'd be too expensive for my parents. Now here I am, recently unemployed. No friends. The man I'm in love with lives across the country. I'm distant from my parents. My sister never calls. I cry every night. The problem is, I don't know what to do to get out of this. I sit in my room on the internet and sleep absurd hours. I'm always tired. I feel weak. It hurts to pretend I'm okay. How do you break this cycle? I just don't know how to fix myself when the problem is myself. I'm so tired of living on pause. Wanting so much, but being unable to motivate myself. I'm tired of seeing other people with the things I want, doing the things I want to do. I'm a wreck.

tired of it all

I want to crawl up in a ball and die, or not feel.


im absolutle in love with my teacher. we flirt during class. i wish we could take it further.

The ultimate housewife

I'm robbing from my husband: I keep taking $10,000 every month from our joint account and deposit the money in my overseas accounts--- I plan to leave him once I've stollen a million.

please help me

i took my best friends ipod when i was drunk to copy the music off of it because our internet wasn't working at home, i meant to put it back the next day but she thought someone else had stolen it so i kept it at home for a few weeks and waited til i could put it back but i told her i had it and apologized to her. She took it okay and said it didn't matter but now her mum's been ringing me when she's drunk and i really can't face her because we were really close. Can i feel any more ashamed? I didn't mean to. I'm never drinking again. could someone help me pleae?


i called my ex bf 2 times, but when i told my current bf about it, i only told him that i called my ex 1 time.


I'm happy that my sister dropped out of school. Because she treated me like dirt in front of both of our friends and say embarassing stuff about me in public.


I used to think that I was a bad daughter because you don't love me. But I've accepted that you don't love me, and it's ok. Because I've realized that I am a good daughter because I love you. And that's all that matters anymore. :)

Tylonel 4

My dad had a surgery done on his tongue, and I stole his pain medication. I've been using them almost every night because they make me fall asleep fast, and I don't have nightmares.

lust or love

i think i might be in love with my friend and he loves me. i live with my boyfriend he would give me the world lust or love?


I am very content in my relationship. My girlfriend reminds me of my grandmother, who was the sweetest woman alive. I think I would be happy to marry her and have a small yappy dog named Yips and a cranky orange cat named Lex.

Gave up on God

I've been going through a crazy ordeal in my life where, at one time I was minding my own business. Then I got into the trucking industry. As a woman, I was the target of these men harrassing me, constantly and stalking me. Spreading lies about me, ruining my reputation. I've always been a Christian, trying to do the right thing, trying to live my life right. And all of a sudden. I felt God abandoned me to these hateful men and others who are being men and evil toward me. My friends, who I found out were never really my friends turned against me. How can people you've known most of your life, suddenly listen to gossip about you and turn on you. The elders in the congregation never offered help and knew about the situation, but they never was there to help me anyway. I was so down spiritually at different times in my life. Not coming to the meetings, did I ever get a phone call of encouragement. No one ever cared and no one does now. So I see God has never been there for me and he's abandoned me now. Why should I give allegence to someone who does not protect me from what I'm going through, but these evil people keep living their lives and thriving and all I get is people going out of their way to be hurtful to me. I do have a feeling of trying to pick up the Bible, but what's the use, he doesn't hear me, he's abondoned me and he's left me on my own. I'm all alone and I've never been totally alone. Everyone has abandoned me and they think I'm a joke and it's so funny to see me alone. I'll get my own vengence one day, screw everyone and God too.

this guy hits me

this guy in my school always slaps me in the face and runs away. he doesnt slap all that hard, but nobody sticks up for me. i try to slap him back but he runs away before i know what happened. today, he slapped my butt. when the teacher leaves the room, he comes over to me and starts massaging me and rubbing my legs, so i try to kick him. He even tried to kiss me one time. he's annoying, and i'm only thirteen! i'm afraid to tell a teacher.

What I really want...

I don't want him to know that secretly I want a baby. I am terrified of what he will think and I sometimes hope that I "accidentally" get pregnant. It is making me kinda depressed and he is noticing it.


What a waste of my time. I never want you to ever waste another minute of my life ever again. All you ever do is tear me down as a person, tell me about all the wild things you've been doing (when I couldn't care less!) and then call me your friend. I don't know why I ever liked you. I don't know why I ever dated you. I don't know why I decided to help you with this project so you could go ask someone else and give them my portion of the check. You're a jerk.

cradle snatching

have always liked the younger, i am 27 and he is 22, but i feel so guilty everytime we are together and sometimes i wished i wasn't corrupting him the way i am. But i am very attracted to him and he makes me laugh and he is rather a keen "student" which i appreciate.

Fiance 'needs time'

After 3 years of dating, she brings up that everything I complain about really bothers her... that I'm still in school, currently have no job, have unrealistic goals... etc. (Except that I am avidly looking for employment, have LOTS of goals, but they cannot be accomplished until I have my 4 year degree, oh, and I just 4.0'd a year of classes. She says she needs time, but to wait for her. I've been trying to talk it out with her for a month over why she feels this way... and two months ago was content and happy and estatic over planning our wedding. Leave me or don't... just don't leave me sitting here.