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Wife/Girl I still love
I don't know what to do any more, I'm married to the wrong person. Please.. someone kill me... now.
I set up Facebook accounts for my husband and myself. He doesn't check his, but I log in every once in a while and let him know who has added him, etc. Tonight I noticed that his old college girlfriend had e-mailed him. This is an ex that he was having regrets about when I first met him (years ago, but whatever), and I just don't want to deal with that. I scoped out her profile, deleted the e-mail and changed his privacy settings so she can't look him up anymore.
Not So Human
I don't have close friends because I don't feel like a normal human being. Just a flawed, empty shell.
Jerk in Yaris
Today this guy was a jerk on the road in front of me. Long story short he pissed me off. So I followed him to a parking lot and screamed out the window that he was an idiot for a couple minutes while he smiled at me and walked towards the mall. I want to find that guy and run him over. I feel bad for screaming at a stranger, but that guy was a idiot!
damn it...
I think i love him.. but he seems to good to be true..and you know how THAT goes.
Witch and Fundie
I have been a practicing Wiccan for 30 years but Recently I connected with the Sky God Jesus and accepted Him. I found a funky little evangelical church and people think I'm "saved" and totally with them but I'm still a witch and do rituals honoring the Goddess and work spells from time to time. I also go to bible study and church and don't see why I can't be a witch and a christian but my church and new christian friends think Wicca is Satanism and they would flip out. So I'm a Wiccan/Evangelical and nobody know except a few Wiccan friends who think it's quite funny. Full moon ritual on sat church on Sunday. I'm sooo going to Hell!
simply said, i hate me. i hate that i allow a particular person to control my moods and actions. i hate that i cave in all the time and do stuff i know i shoudn't. i hate how i feel, how he makes me feel and yet im too darn stupid to do anything about it!
I have stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from my employer and I can't make myself stop...
I don't love my husband of three months.
A new low
Today I wished the guy who doesn't even know I have fallen in love with to be ill just so that he would call me and I could take care of him. Just to be the most important thing of his day.
my minds is completely messed up.
i lie so much and so frequently to everyone i know and love that my mind has brainwashed itself into thinking about things that have never happened, that i'm close friends with people i've never met, thes are people that i semi-stalk. i have dug myself into a hole and now my real friends are getting a bit suspicious and want to meet these so-called 'friends'. i have no idea what to do. it's not an option for me to just come out with the truth. i would be massacred. and im not mature enough to handle that. please help me get out of this. i can't even differentiate between what is the truth and what is all in my head anymore.
In love
I am in love with a friend. We attend the same college, we're taking up the same major, we've been classmates for two semesters, and so we ended up with common friends. He doesn't know. Nobody knows. No one has an idea about how I feel. I wish I can tell him.
This is not really a confession as much as it is a rant. I am crazy. I must be crazy. I feel like I have not been myself for months, maybe even years. I cannot possibly be acting the way I am without there being something wrong with me. I'm lazy, and unmotivated and filled with self-loathing. I hate myself, and I miss liking myself, because how can I even be acting in such a way unless I have completely lost my mind. I want it back. I want everything to go back to normal. I no longer wish to be self-destructive!
why do you do this to me?
I am so nice to you and all i get in return is rude remarks. I loved you and cared for you. I still care about you. It makes no sense to me. I am always a sweet girl to you but all you do is lead me on and be rude. We have been through alot... friends, chatting online, romance, and much more. Now a days i just feel like you used me and it hurts. I dont think you care and i dont think you ever will. But maybe you will understand that what you did to me was not okay. i will always care for you even if you dont care for me.
Almost bankrupt
I met my girlfriend (now common law spouse) in 2004 and within 4 months, I felt persuaded/pushed into buying a house. We found a place in a rural 2 months later that was a 3 hour a day commute from my work. She never liked the place, as it was my choice to move there because of the relatively low price (she said she deserved a much more expensive place) so I was persuaded into cashing in almost of my RRSPs/retirement savings and maxing out a $15,000 line of credit and $10,000 in credit card debt to make renovations to this place, and after many tears from my GF and a lot of stress, we decided to move after a year. I've had to spend another $10,000 from another line of credit for renovations in the new place. I am in the hole for over $35,000 with no hope of paying i back. I don't want to tell her how much I owe because I'm scared of her reaction. She keeps complaining I can't help out with finances that much. I am finished financially - bankruptcy is not an option.
I live inside my imagination. The person you meet on the street is not the real me...I am locked away inside a world of love, adventure, magic, excitment and heroics. This is where my true friends reside
Is it me?
I feel like i have an alto ego. The immature, caring person I was when i was younger and the person I am now, non-sympathetic and distant. When I feel like there is no one else i tell myself you'll always have me, as if its someone else, as if its all i need. I don't know if this is who I am supposed to be or if I chose to be like this. Is who we choose to be what we where always meant to be? and which one is the REAL me?
i have no real friends. i don't know why. i'm too lazy to go out there and work to meet real friends. and everyone where i live is stupid. i know when i turn 21, i'll go out to the bars and start meeting people worth my time, but until then, i am depressed.