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  Secret Confessions Made By Visitors To Our Site
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In love with the pizza delivery guy
I am a 34 year old woman with a teenage crush on a pizza delivery guy. What is wrong with me?
I Don't Know
I put on a facade that I am extremely happy. In reality, I am only somewhat happy. I do have great friends and a great family. But I cannot find a boyfriend. Something is wrong with me. Its not even like I am hideous or smell or am bald or something. I am decent looking, I think. A chance for a relationship seems to come along once every year or so for me, but something always goes wrong. I cant talk to anyone about it, they dont understand.
lonely 4 life
on the same night my ex came over to tell me she has a new boyfriend and my perfect girl turned me down. im so lonely im going for a walk.
Her parents..
My girlfriends parents are moving to our city. She's really excited but I'm extremely annoyed. Why did they have to pick the city we live in when she has 4 other siblings who live in 4 different cities? They're old and annoying and I have to pretend to tolerate them. They complain about everything and ask the same question like 10 times. If they start visiting everday I'm breaking up with her and moving out.
I have not talked to my mother in 3 months because she is ignoring me and is only paying attention to her new family.
Broken heart, broken life
Ever since the breakup, I have no life. I eat, cry, sleep ... wake up the next day and do the same thing.
My love/hate crush
I am in love with my roommate but I can't have him. I hate him because being around each other constantly makes me yearn for him more and I just get depressed more and more each successive time that I inevitably get disappointed.
Get the hair out of your ears!
When I was a kid, (around 3 to 5) I would grab my moms or my sisters hair, whoever I seemed to be around at the time and stuck it in my ear. I enjoyed the ticklish feeling. Then I got to an age where I couldn't do that anymore, so I would grow my hair out so I could grab my own hair behind the ear lobe and stick it in my ear. Then I started cutting my hair short. So now I just pull out a single hair, stick it in my ear and roll it through my fingers to make it vibrate a little. I do it when I am sad, depressed, nervous and any other negative type emotion. The feeling helps me relax I think...
jealousy over things I can't help
When ever I see an asian woman with a white guy I secretly can't stand the sight! I have asian girl friends who date white guys and I put on the best show of tolerance and happiness for them. But deep down inside I think of the white guys are pathetic for this as if asian women are some new trend or arm candy. I know deep down inside it's because I'm jealous of asians interested in whites... and wonder if an asian man will ever be interested in me... a girl from the carribean...Pathetic.
End of the line
if i never have children, i hope i die before my parents. otherwise there will be no one to place a stone on my grave and it will be as if i never existed... a confirmation of how i already feel.
Over Analyzing?
so i just found out that my boyfriend's ex and her brother, who was his best friend back in the country where he grew up (before moving here when he was 16) share the same birthday as my sister and my mom. i've always thought that it was unfair to his ex that he was forced to move here and when he met me, i felt as if i became another barrier to their relationship even though they broke up a good two years before we met. i never found out much about his life back then because i was afraid that i might find out things that would make me feel very insecure. i have a gut feeling that his ex was his great love (everyone's gotta have one unforgettable love right?) and i can never be loved as much as she was. i must confess that my love for him is unaltered even after thoughts (of which were my own) that i am not the one he loved the most. in fact at most times i feel like i am another barrier separating him and her. i love him so much but these crazy thoughts are seriously screwing with me. maybe i'm over analyzing it too much. he has been a WONDERFUL boyfriend to say the least. we've been together for almost 3 years and our families have met. marriage is on the cards. everything is just perfect. on the surface. i have this crazy crazy feeling that i'm not really the one he loves the most even though he has told me countless of times that i am the best he's ever had. but come on, ALL my boyfriends say that. it's not even counted anymore. haha. guys just say anything to make a girl feel good. even if it's a lie. and every time my sister and my mom celebrates a birthday, i am reminded of this life he once had and the people he loved whom he left years ago. i feel like i am the third party even though i am the girlfriend right now. this is insane isnt it? it's 4am and this is running through my head. is anyone even reading this? god. i need to get out. i need someone to slap me silly.
I'm really a very lonely and emotional person. I like to make fun of people like that, call them pathetic and tell them to get real lives rather than sit around and mope, but I do the same thing. Right now, I've just been sitting and staring off into space for about an hour and a half. I do it a lot, especially when I'm about to go to sleep. I think about how I'll never have a wife or even a best friend. I've never had either. I'm 21 and I have no real friends, I don't talk to other people, and I just live my life. I feel like I'm the only person in the world and it keeps me up at night. When ever I really, honestly think about it, my body just gets so heavy, if that makes any sense. It seizes up and my chest contracts, almost painfully. I don't really know what it is but it happens a lot. I hate people like myself, though. The type of person who lives this kind of life and does nothing about it. I'm proud to say I don't complain about being alone or miserable, though. It's really the only part of my personality that I like. I don't want to be a burden to others. Telling them or unloading my problems onto them will only make me more pathetic. I don't like feeling this way, yet I continue to foster the way my life is going. Several years ago, when I was around 17, I sat down with myself and came to the conclusion that I will most likely die alone and without anyone to morn me. Probably from heart failure in my forties or something like that. Now, four years down the line, I find myself wanting to to happen sooner. The only thing that keeps me around is the guilt of knowing what it would do to my parents. When they are gone, will I care anymore? I really don't know, but I also finding myself waiting for that to happen. When I don't have any more emotional attachments. Anyway, don't be like me. That's all I can say.
I'm not sorry
When I found out my fiance dated another woman while away at boot camp I took his cat to the pound and had it put to sleep. Still to this day he thinks she died a natural death.
I am in love with a Woman I am not with because I married a woman I am not in love with. I married the mother of my beautiful daughter, but I am not in love wiht her. She is a great woman, beautiful, passionate and caring, but I am in love with another woman with all of those attributes and more. She is the woman I think about when I am sleep, the first woman on my mind when I awake. I hurt her so bad when I told her I wanted to see if I could make it work with my daughters mother that she had to start seeing a therapist and has not been to work in over a month. I want to make things up to her, but nothing mends a broken heart but time. God I am sorry I am not honoring my vows to my wife. I have not been with anyone since I got married, but LK has my heart and I don't know if that will ever change.
we've got a big big mess
it was a sunday that my boyfriend and i spent the entire day together. it was that saturday that i first got the feeling of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. like something bad was going to happen. like i was going to have to break up with him some time in the near future. i lied and told him i just felt off and i felt so horrid that he was trying so hard to make me smile and all i did was scowl, that by the time we were talking back to my house from the local shop-ko, i was laughing and smiling because i reverted back to being his best friend instead of his girlfriend, if only in my own mind. when we got back to my house, i felt the same - gloomy, tired, irritated, and like a meteor was hurtling towards earth. over the next few days, i'd texted and talked back and forth with my best friend to try and work out my feelings instead of just talking to him. it was a wednesday afternoon when i parted with him at the bus stop and feeling like the feeling had passed - i didn't want to lose him or leave him. i wanted him to be my boyfriend, and i wanted to enjoy it. i wanted to be happy. it was the very next day that my brother took me aside and told me he was in jail for domestic abuse against his ex girlfriend the night before. i didn't cry. strangely not, perhaps i should have. he got out that afternoon. i didn't feel too affected, even after i had to recount the events to my mother and my sister. i didn't cry when i knew i would have to break up with him. i didn't want to cry. i'd had enough crying. when i called him later that night, i ended up crying. and i hated him for it. because i'd had enough crying. i'm done crying. no matter how unloveable it makes me.
Mom and dad
I feel bad, but I really hate both of my parents. They did their best, but their best really sucked. I wish I had never been born.
I wish I could just let it go
I am madly in love with a girl in my office. I am happily married and love my wife. She is newly married and her husband is a great guy. But for the life of me I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know what to do.
I just lost...
I am a gambling addict...I have lost over 7400$ this month alone. I hate myself. I am such a loser. Why would anyone want to be like this. It is not the life at all. I am constantly cheating myself and my family. I think I would be better off dead. DO NOT GAMBLE