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  Secret Confessions Made By Visitors To Our Site
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I lie
I constantly lie to be to gain acceptance and seem "cool". I lie about girls and about how much money I have. I pretend to know all sorts of things but in reality I'm pretty ignorant. I keep lying to myself, saying I'm going to quit smoking and quit drinking, just quit all those harmful things all together and the next time its around me I smoke and drink as much as I can for fear of it really being the last time I do it. I'm a sad person. I'm a complete jerk to a lot of people that have it coming but inside I don't even feel like they deserve but I do it to make other people laugh at anothers expense. I want to be a better person and it's going to start today. I'm going to quit drinking and smoking, I'm going to stop lying about insignifigant stuff, I'm going to treat people well no matter how they act and if I dont feel thats possible I will keep my mouth shut.
Failure Of A Marriage
I have failed at my marriage. I expect to be separated within a few days. I have many regrets. My largest regret by far is the impact of this separation/divorce upon my children. I own the pervasive feeling I could have done better. Not much of a secret, true, but scratch at the bottom and you'll find more bottom. How could I have done better? When all is said and done, whatever I did and didn't do was insufficient to make my partner feel special and loved and engaged and excited, etc. We have slowly exchanged, inch by inch and hour by hour, a loving relationship for bitterness and acrimony. I stayed with her because of my children and what we once were to each other. I should have (but could not) figure out how to make it work. This is a shoddy night..
only me
i know that im only 14 and people will say it doesnt matter, and people mature at different rates. but in my school and life i have never had a boyfriend-i doubt anyone has ever liked me at all. i dont know whats wrong with me:im in good shape, and i know i am pretty, im not being vain. i am a little shy but i still have no problem talking to anyone, boys included- so i dont know what to do, i feel so lonely and stupid
I love my mom but hate having her qualities
So everyone tells me that I'm exactly like my mom but i hate it. I hate having her attitude because i hate her attitude when it comes to complaining and being mad. I hate how she is when she's sick...it's so bad and i get that from her too. i hate it. my mom always complains about my dad, and i don't like jsut sitting and listening to her complain. half the time she complains about stuff she shouldn't be complaining about. she's lucky even to have a husband like him around!
I hate myself
when i was younger i did some things that i am now still not able to admit to people. it stops me from becoming close to people i meet and may become friends with. i can t stop thinking about the things i did and people i destroyed. death will be my release but i won't kill myself cause of my family and its a dumb way to fix" your problems so i will be living with these thoughts until i die of natural causes or something else. "
We really don't love each other
I don't really love him -- I think I'm with him because he's the only one who will ever put up with me. Sad part is, I know the only reason he does so is because he is too afraid to leave because his self-confidence is so low. If he even had a bit more self confidence, he would never be with me, because he really doesn't love me either. We're together because we're afraid to be alone, not because we love each other.
Lost love that could have been
Iím in love with a girl 700km away, who recently broke up in her relationship and was in love with me for a little while. Iím in a relationship with a girl already, but am never sure if she is the one, not like the girl I found. Now she has found someone else that I am friends with and it has crushed me inside that it could have been me. Not knowing for sure hurts me even more, because I still think about her all the time, and how much I guess I shouldnít love her. Life will go on, but iíll always try to remember what I could have had with MM.
I was his secret but we were so in love, it was perfect; best friends and lovers until he chose the religion he didnt believe in. I still hate him for the decision he made.
I love a girl I have never seen in person.... We use to chat and have contacts thro'mail... I like the way she behaves... The way she makes me feel... Maybe I am CRANKY...
Unwanted Thoughts
Every day, I try to keep from willingly sinning. I am conscientious of what I say and do. Despite this, I have horrible thoughts that pop up into my head unwillingly. They started off as just one or two bad thoughts a day and it's now gotten up to 20+ unwanted thoughts a day. The thoughts are really horrible, ranging from flashes of my family's pet dog being stabbed repeatedly to my friends being decapitated--things that are so repulsive to me that I can't believe that I am even capable of such thoughts. I've tried to pray the thoughts away, but they still haven't subsided. I hate them and they scare me, but I don't know what to do. I don't want to go to a psych because I don't want anyone to know that I have this problem. I feel like an evil person. I wish someone could help me.
hope her ticket doubled
This old roommate of mine had a bad bad falling out. We absolutely hate each other. I happened to see her car, and I'm positive it was hers, parked one day on the side of the street by my house. She had a parking violation ticket on the front windshield. Well, I know that if you don't pay a parking ticket in 3 weeks or so, it will double in price, soooo I walked right over and quickly grabbed it off the car. If she never knew about it then she would never pay it in three weeks, right? hahaha hope her ticket doubled.
Fat Kid
Sometimes, I wish I'd been "the fat kid" when I was younger. I used to be pretty shy, and I'm still really insecure and self-concious, so I might as well have been the guy who could sit on people when he got mad at them :P Also, it seems like all the kids who were like that when they were younger are better at working out nowadays, so... Anyway, as weird as it might be, I'm actually trying to gain weight now, muscle and fat, so, yeah :P
plastic surgery nut
I don't know why you bothered getting restilin in your super skinny lips, you look ridiculous. You could have really used some work on your eyes instead.
Jeckyl and Hyde
I have fake Facebook and AOL profiles to talk to people on my friends list to piss them off and cause fights with eachother.I act like the "other woman or man" to split up a couple so i can have dibbs on that guy,then i turn around when they come to me and look like the angel and i console them..i also get on chat rooms and aggrevate on purpose just because im bored as hell.i cause sooo many stresses and yet,im the only one they have in the end..i love the attention..lmao!
Fooling ones self
I have been doing business since a long time and earning pretty well, but lately there has been a slump in my work, i havent got any new business since i am addicted to the internet and thats what i do everyday, i come to the office only to find myself surfing the internet and this continues for hours, when i go back home i feel very guilty since i have a family to support that includes my wife my mother and two daughters. I want to get out of this syndrome and start doing stuff to earn, but looks like i am in a trap, just sitting there in the office doing nothing .... God help me please.
i look up pictures of people online who are skinny. I want to be them. i recite the mantras that are on the pictures in my head over and over again. I keep a journal on how much i eat and how much i work out. each day i feel like its too much. even when i feel like fainting i still try not to eat. You indulge, you buldge.
Friends mother.
Many years back one day in my drunken state made an abusive call to my friends mother. I pretend to not acknowledge it but, from within I know what I did was wrong, and she knows it was me. It has hurt me all this while and I know it would keep hurting me for the rest of my life, I 've lost a friend in doing so and every time I run into her I feel miserable and scared that she might just catch me and ask me why I did what I did. Don't know why but, sure 'm shamed of this act of mine and hate myself everyday more for the same reason...
Somebody lost his job...
I did something in the past out of just mere curiosity and maybe for my stupid reasons and actually ended up having this person lose his job. I don't have the courage to go and seak his forgivness and I think I don't deserve it either. He did not do any harm to me nor did he hurt me in anyway, when I realised my stupidity it was too late. I chickened out for the first time in my life and was scared to comeout in open. I 've lived with this for almost about 8 years now but the burden is too much to bear. I seak his forgiveness. I hope he would and would have moved on in life. I hope he gets all that he had then and now dreams of in his life... Please forgive me I didn't realise my action would cost you your job.