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internet dating
im in love with this guy ive been dating over the internet like really IN LOVE, except when he first met me i was lying about alot of things ALOT. i want to tell him the truth. but i love him so much i hate the thought of not being with him. this is the guy i want to marry. if he had been lying to me like this i would still want him but i dont know if he feels the same
never been kissed
im 16... and ive never been kissed
my mother gets me so mad sometimes, that i does feel like slapping her down everytime she open her mouth.(she must feel the same about me). she does mess up everything that i have to do.....i goin an fail exams if i doh get some kinda revelation because of her. she just cah get ah answer an take it, she always have to inquire and get this an that and talk to this one an that one. she treats me like i'm 16 when i'm 18. i can't stand her behaviour sometimes. i really not talking to her for this whole two months that i have examinations. she just pissing me off rel bad and thing, this menopause thing is a real pain. sometimes i wish i could just shut her the hell up.
I'm a racist
I don't know why, I always have been sort of. It's not like I can't handle being around black people, I just always think they don't deserve what I do. I always feel like I'm more civilized and of a much higher class, just because I'm white and they're black. I just don't think black people deserve what I deserve. It's not a conscious thing, it's just how I am.
I knew, but why did it hurt so bad when I found out?
I was in love with a girl and partially still am. I knew she didn't like me. But when she told me I was depressed for weeks and last night I had a dream about her going out with one of my friends and I am really depressed now. The dream is starting to become a reality. I'm not suicidal, but I certainly can cry.
Today I accidentally broke a window playing soccer at my elementary school and now i am scared that the police will come and track me down and I will get in big trouble, hopefully not though. I am reallly nervous
multiple loves?
Everything and everyone around me tends to say that you love one person at a time. I am in love with more than one person. Which brings about two issues. I have always been very adverse to being with men that have a girlfriend or wife. In fact, the thought of it would make me angry, and still does. I recognize that it's wrong considering two people made that commitment to each other and if I were to be in a relationship with the man knowing that he was attached, I'd be taking part in something that is horrible. Something that I wouldn't want to have happen to me if I were the woman attached to the man. Yet in the case of the men I love, I would be with them regardless. One of them is not attached. The other, in fact, is. He and I no longer live in the same town due to various complications and he is now back with his ex. I know that he is back with his ex, and he knows that I know this. But given the chance, both of us wouldn't be able to resist each other. We're even planning to have a weekend get away to enjoy each other. Then he will return home. I don't feel bad about it because I love him. Then again if I love someone so strongly to the point that I will knowingly take part in them cheating, how is it that I have another love as well? Love is a confusing thing.
Old friend
We had a rocky friendship. Off and on again. Years without speaking to each other. I want so much to find you and just tell you how much I always loved you. I think I will always love you because this hurt of being without you has never gone away. I tried to tell you once but I don't think you really understood and it's my fault because I've always been with someone else and too scared of being alone to leave and too scared of you rejecting me to come out and tell you straight out. No one can replace you. I've tried. No one can compare.. I close my eyes and I can still see your face. I remember everything you said to me and the facial expressions you used. You live now in my memories only. If I had any artistic talent I would paint you just so I could see your blue eyes every day. You were the best friend I ever had and I wish I could take back all the horrible things I said to you over the years. I just got so frustrated because I've always felt this way about you but I just couldn't bring myself to say it, so I took it out on you and pushed you away. Time after time. Our last fight was about a cat. If you see this. Please find me. I love you.
Not sure if its forever
I was married before, and it lasted 7 years. 7 hellish years. When I finally got over being heartbroken, I vowed NEVER again. 7 years later I have a son and in a relationship same as a marriage. I dont cheat, but sometimes I wonder if the conditions are right if I would. Life is boring, but at least theres no violence like my first marriage. I prob sound like a woman, but Im a guy!
i love my cousin
I have strong feelings for my first cousin. Can't stop thinking about him today although I know I'm behaving like a schoolgirl. I have a boyfriend who's lovely but I cannot stop thinking about my cousin. We have been involved romantically in the past. He was in love with me once but we just couldn't get it off the ground then. There's huge chemistry there. Others notice it, even when they've no idea we used to date. I'm seeing him tomorrow, just as friends. He is not my ideal life partner or anything but he does something to me. I'm listening to a song over and over right now that makes me think of him. Silly girl... I have a lovely boyfriend. Life is weird.
No body understands
It all starts when I hear stories about an innocent girl, afterwards I become obessed, because I really wanna date somebody who is still innocent and pure, who would give me the old love type with nothing in return, but as I always say! dreams are for rookies....It was going ok! I simply walked the walk, and simply talked the talk, all her looks, and way and stickin around with my friends made me feel comfortable a little, but I felt something is missing, days after, she was so different! she was just cold, but its my fault, when I think that I love somebody I don't intend to play mind games with her, I was honest and all my actions had been saying to her that she's different to me, and this is where I got stiffed...I guess my type weren't meant to find true love...but I confess I want dearly to find true love, and I guess I could've loved this girl...T13
I spent the rent money
I did it again. I blew the rent money at a casino. I don't know why. I thought I was doing good at keeping my habit at bay, but no. I don't know how to tell my wife. I'm afraid she'll leave me.
I'm 20 and i haven't had a boyfriend yet. I feel like at this rate i am just going to be alone for the rest of my life.
I avoid eating out because I have a tremendous fear of choking.
forever loved
Ive been in love with this girl for as long as i knew how to love. I've known her for almost 8 years and I'm 13. we call one another our best friend, and i think she likes me back. I can't get the nerve to tell her how i feel but my heart is calling for her and i know it. If it doesn't work out our relationship as it is now may be gone forever. i love her too much to do that. i just want to be with her every moment of my life.
I check my college boyfriend's blog
I check his blog every couple of months - not because I miss him, but because it's gratifying to see how boring he and his new wife are. He dumped me after he found out I was pregnant in college because he wanted to date my best friend. It's so fun to see what a loser he still is! Take heart people...sometimes a breakup is the best thing that can happen to you, even though it may not feel that way at the time.
I wish i had been better to my ex-girlfriend in the past, because now i realize i want to marry her in the future... i hope she still goes for it even though she's probably better off not.
i know that everyone in my family thinks that i am a loser and waste even though i am a good mother and wife and person in general.... this world is sooo evil.