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I hate my Ex
I really hated him, he is stingy, arrogant, selfish and self-centred. Breaking up with him is not enough ease my hatred, I want him to die. And his evil brothers to die as well.
torn between the head and the heart
I don't believe in marriage, or soul mates, or eternal monogamy, but I secretly want to be promised his love, for the rest of our lives.
my life
i hate my life.
I like someone.and i think they like me. but can you really like someone who youve never talked to? i mean i basically see them everyday. so why am i confused. there you go. i like you.
Missed out on my dream job
I missed out on my dream job because i moved from Chicago to NC to be with my boyfriend. When I got to NC i found a job two hours away and he refused to even consider moving. Despite getting a free house with the job and happiness forever on my part..
It all started with a dream. and that dream turned into an obsession. I've been obsessed with her for nearly 3 years now. and as this schoolyear comes to an end i wonder if it will ever happen. i fall asleep every night thinking about her, i have tried timd and time again to get her out of my head, but to no avail. as she falls in love again, with one of my best friends i wonder how much longer i can stand this obsession
i am lying to my ex he thinks i'm pregnant!
Im not sure
Today is my four month anniversary, and my ex boyfriends birthday. I dont know what I want to celebrate more.
Such a Dirty Rat
I had this guy, I liked him alot. He was sweet, intelligent, cultured, attractive and everything I thought I needed in a man. he broke up with me after only a month to go be with ugly girls all over Atlanta. He claims to be a master of dating but really I think he is a master of dishonesty and a professional at taking the best from others and leaving the worst of himself. Its been like 2 months and i'm still bitter about it because I was everything he'll ever need and he couldnt see that for his own selfish purposed. I gave him pearls and he threw them away. I hope whatever he's doing he's happy, because if he keeps treating the loyal people in his life like this...he'll die a lonely person...and a fool.
I don't feed my daughter very well
I'm an idiot when it comes to money. I'm 34 with a 13 year old and I'm always going to my mother for help. She'll loan me money for groceries and I'll go spend $30 on pizza or $40 at a restaurant and have nothing left for the rest of the week then we end up living on bread and margarine, but as soon as we get money again we're out at a restaurant spending a fortune with no food at all in the fridge at home.
Maybe prison
My boyfriend may have to go to prison in the future, and I don't know if I can wait while he is in there. It could be two years, perhaps even more. I feel like a terrible person for even thinking about this, he would be heartbroken. We have currently been together for two years.
I'm not so hurt by our breakup because we let each other go. it was because you didn't try to keep me. you never tried to make me feel like you wanted me. And I did every damn thing I could to make you feel beautiful and loved. But you just never tried to get back with me.
on the inside
The real reason I play music on the street side is so that a cute girl will be amazingly impressed with the only thing i'm good at and love me for what it is I do, not the things I can buy her or what I have to tell her.
I've quite obviously suffered from depression most of my life. Though I never seeked any sort of treatment, mostly because I was worried it'd be too expensive for my parents. Now here I am, recently unemployed. No friends. The man I'm in love with lives across the country. I'm distant from my parents. My sister never calls. I cry every night. The problem is, I don't know what to do to get out of this. I sit in my room on the internet and sleep absurd hours. I'm always tired. I feel weak. It hurts to pretend I'm okay. How do you break this cycle? I just don't know how to fix myself when the problem is myself. I'm so tired of living on pause. Wanting so much, but being unable to motivate myself. I'm tired of seeing other people with the things I want, doing the things I want to do. I'm a wreck.
tired of it all
I want to crawl up in a ball and die, or not feel.
im absolutle in love with my teacher. we flirt during class. i wish we could take it further.
The ultimate housewife
I'm robbing from my husband: I keep taking $10,000 every month from our joint account and deposit the money in my overseas accounts--- I plan to leave him once I've stollen a million.
please help me
i took my best friends ipod when i was drunk to copy the music off of it because our internet wasn't working at home, i meant to put it back the next day but she thought someone else had stolen it so i kept it at home for a few weeks and waited til i could put it back but i told her i had it and apologized to her. She took it okay and said it didn't matter but now her mum's been ringing me when she's drunk and i really can't face her because we were really close. Can i feel any more ashamed? I didn't mean to. I'm never drinking again. could someone help me pleae?