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How to play >> Use the letters on passing by license plates to make funny fictitious names or organizations. For example DMA could be Department of Motor Animals or Deadly Medical Assistant. Take turns and whoever makes everyone laugh the hardest is the winner.

Air Horns

How to play >> Everytime you pass up a big 18 wheeler give him the arm signal so he knows you want him to pull the air horn string. This game is fun, you can either set a goal and try to reach the goal nnumber before you get to your destination. Or you can go head to head. One kid gets the right side, the other kid gets the left side. Whoever has the most air horns blown..wins!!

Alphabet Game

How to play >> everyone looks for license plates and road signs. The first one you find must start with letter A, then B, then C, all the way to Z. You can also play with numbers if you want, 0 thru 9. Whoever finds the sign first gets credit for the sign. One sign per player. First one to finish wins! You can also skip letters if you want, but every letter skipped gets you minus one point. Add up the minus points at the end. Whoever has least minus points wins.


How to play >> Give each kid in the back seat a bingo card. The person in the passenger seat calls out the letter/number. To make the game go smoother as a road game use yellow sticky notes as covering pieces. Dabbers also work but can be messy and you won't be able to reuse the cards.

Broken Down Vehicle

How to play >> This game is similiar to Slug Bug. First person to spot a broken down vehicle on the side of the road gets to smack/hit anyone else playing. Also, if there is an emergency vehicle or tow truck next to it, thats a bonus! You get two free smacks/hits!.

Bury Your Horses

How to play >> Great game for rides with a country setting! Everyone gets one point every horse they find. If you can spot a farm and say, "My Horses!" then you get all the horses on the farm. However, you must take away points for every cow on that farm. So if your farm has 5 horses and 6 cows visible, you get negative (-1) one point. Also, whenever you pass a cemetary someone can yell out, "bury your horses!" and choose whoever he/she wants to send their count back to zero points.


How to play >> Start with a category such as movies that start with C (Castaway, Crimson Tide, Cabin Fever, etc) or cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) or any other category. Then one by one each passengers names something in that category. Keep playing until someone is stuck and cannot continue. He/she is out and the game continues with everyone else. Once there are only two players left, when one person cannot name anything in the category, the only other player remaining must name something to be declared the winner.

Counting Cows

How to play >> Perfect game for those country trips. Its the left side of the car vs. the right side. If you see a cow on your side its one point. if you come across a cemetary then you better call it out first! If the other teams calls it before you, then you lose all your cow points. Whichever team has the most points when you get to your destination is the winner..


How to play >> Every passenger looks at passing by car license plates for numbers. While one passenger is starting at 9 through 0, the other is starting at 0 through 9. You must go in order, for example from 0, then next find 1, then next find 2, etc...but remember, this game is called 'Doubles' so you must find double digits together...00, then you must find 11, then 22, etc. The first passenger to get to the end wins! After finishing Doubles, you can try triples if you want. Triples would be a more difficult game so maybe try it on longer trips.

Find It

How to play >> This game should last about 10 or 15 minutes per round, decide before starting what length you want the round to be. Someone needs to keep the time and call out a letter. Lets says the person calls out the letter 'M'. Now everyone must keep an eye out for anything that starts with an 'M', such as a mailbox, mud, or movie theater. When time is up whoever has the most items is the winner and gets to choose the next letter.


How to play >> Any passenger who spots an ambulance, fire engine, police car or police motorcycle get to make a loud siren noise. If its a long road trip you can also award points per vehicle spotted. The winner would be the one with the most points at the end of your destination.


How to play >> This is a word spelling game The first person to go picks the first letter. The next person to go picks the second letter. You keep going in a sequence to spell any given word. Whoever ends up spelling the actual word is the loser.

Guess The Number

How to play >> Someone thinks of a number between 1 and 100. Then the others take turns asking yes or no questions. Some examples can be, "Is the number an even number? or "Does the number end with a zero". Keep asking questions, only one per turn. Eventually someone is going to ask a question like, "Is the number 32" and get it right. Whoever gets it right gets to think of the next number.

Hay Truck Wishes

How to play >> If you spot a hay truck, make a wish! Don't tell anyone your wish or it won't come true. Also, DO NOT look back or it definantly will not come true..

Howdy Doody

How to play >> The first person to go says a name and the next person to go has to say another person's name using either the previous person's first or last name. For example. John says, "Ronald Reagan". Now its Mom's turn and she says, "Ronald McDonald". Then Dad says, "Old McDonald". Keep going until someone gets stumped and cannot think of a name. That player is out and the game continues until only one person remains and that is the winner.

Hug Bug

How to play >> Every needs to be on the lookout for a Volkswagen Bug or Beetle. Whoever spots the Bug first gets to hug anyone else thats playing the game. If you want you can also give the person the option to blow a kiss. Another option is to give hugs for Bugs and kisses for Beetles.

Instant Messaging (Vehicle Style)

How to play >> Use big drawing tablets and thick black markers to create signs that are messages for other cars. Some fun signs you can create can be "Wave if you love football" or "Honk if you dislike traffic". Not only is this game fun to get other people's reactions and involvement but its also a great way for communicating with others in your group if you are taking two cars.

Invent A Better Car

How to play >> Take turns thinking of ways to improve your car. Star with something like adding plasma tv's or a sunroof. Eventually you will start saying things like a soda fountain in the back seat, propellers on top, or 747 jet engine.

I Spy

How to play >> This game can be played so many different ways. Below are a few different ways to play i Spy.

1.) One player gets to think of a person. This person can be a famous movie star, a relative, a neighbor, etc. Don't tell anyone, let them figure out who it is. They can only ask you yes or no questions, one person at a time in order ...everyone gets to ask one question per round. Questions can be like, "Is this person a male or female?" or "Does this person have a show on MTV?" keep playing eventually someone will ask a question like..."Is this person Carson Daly" and he/she will get it right. Whoever guesses correctly gets to think of a person in the next round.

2.) This is the philosophy or world religion version of iSpy. Questions asked can be something like, "Is free will allowed?" or "Are there any special diets to follow" etc etc

3.) This version is reversed. The players that are the guesses tell the chooser about what he has to spy about. For example, you need to think of something wet, or something that can break, or something made of plastic.

Monster Mix n Match

How to play >> You will need paper and pencils for this game which works best if there are at least 3 passengers playing. Each player should have one sheet of paper and a pencil. Each player folds their sheet of paper evenly so there are three folds. Now, each player has to draw their head of a monster in their top fold and pass the sheets to the person to your right. Make sure the paper is folded in a way they cannot see the head you have drawn. Now that you have a new sheet in front of you (from the person to your left), now you have to draw the body of the monster in the middle fold and pass the paper one more time to your right when completed. Finally, you get to draw the bottom part of the monster which is the legs and feet, in the bottom and final fold. When everyone is finished unfold the papers and see what your monsters look like...this is guaranteed to get some laughs. Hint, make sure before you pass it along that the fold that you have drawn has a few lines going into the next fold so the next player knows where to continue from.

My Father Owns...

How to play >> One person starts off by saying, "My father owns a grocery store and sells..." Then that person also has to give a letter, for example lets say he says "A"...now everyone must name an item that his father would sell at a grocery store that starts with an A, such as apples, apricots, or aftershave. Keep going til someone gets stumped and try another letter. You can also play a similar game where the father owns a record store and sells albums, for example that start with 'B'. Such as Beastie Boys, Beatles, and Bob Marley.

Name That Tune

How to play >> One person in the car hums a tune to a song the others would know. Whoever guesses the song correctly gets to hum the next tune. Another similiar game can be to hum the tunes of tv theme songs such as The Simpsons, Survivor, Sportscenter, etc..

Numbers Game

How to play >> Everyone playing is looking for numbers. They can be anywhere. They can be on street signs (ex. 3rd Street, 400 Main St, etc) or address, phone numbers on billboards, side of trucks, etc. Give yourself one point for each number you find. You can add up points when you stop for gas or food to see who the winner is, or play until you reach your destination.

Odd or Even

How to play >> This game is played between two kids. One of the kids is on the lookout for license plates that end with an even number. The other kid is looking for plates that end with an odd number. Plates that end with a letter do not count. Keep track of who is winning. Whoever has the most points when you reach your destination (one point per plate found) is the winner.

Out of State Plates

How to play >> Whenever you spot an out of state license plate, the first one to find it gets the points. You can use the following point system or create one for yourself...

The state you live in (or are currently driving through): 0pts
A state that borders that state: 1pt
Any other of the 48 states: 2pts
Alaska or Hawaii: 5pts (unless you live in or driving thru these states)
You could also give 5pts for out of country plates such as Mexico or Canada. (Unless you are driving through there for your trip) then the pts don't count while you are in the country.

Slug Bug

How to play >> Every passenger must be on the lookout for a Volkswagon beetle or bug. Whoever spots one first must yell out, "Slug Bug!!" and gets the opportunity to punch anyone else that is playing. You might want to set some rules for play such as yelling out the color or direction of the vehicle when yelling out Slug Bug! Or, calling out 'punch backs' for flase alarms or if the person forgets to yell out the color or direction along with it. A punchback means someone called out a bug or beetle that wasn't really there or yelled it out wrong and still threw his/her punch...now the others get to punch him back for it.

Silent Match

How to play >> Someone holds up a dollar or wad of cash, usually the driver and that is the reward money. The object of the game is to remain silent the longest. Now obviously you are trying to win the money so you do your best to try and make your sibling or other passenger make noise. You can make funny faces, give him/her an annoying stare, etc. but try and be quiet because he/she will be trying the same things on you.


How to play >> Bring the Scrabble point value list with you along for the ride. While on the road and driving, the passengers take turns finding words on license plates, bumper stickers, road signs, etc. Try and find the best word according to Scrabble's scoring systems. So words with X's and Z's are best.. To keep the game moving along you can set a time limit per turn. The player with the highest score when you reach your trip destination is the winner.

Semi Search

How to play >> Everyone playing has to select a color and is rewarded 1 point for every semi they spot that is their color. Whoever has the most points when arrived at your destination is the winner.

Sweet and Sour

How to play >> Every passenger playing this game must have a window next to them. When a car drives past you (or your car drives past them) you must wave at them. If anyone in the car waves (or smiles) back at you then its a 'sweet' and worth 1 point. If nobody in the car does anything (or frowns) at you, then your get zero points. Whoever has the most points when you reach your destination is the winner!


How to play >> Every passenger playing this game is given the same food item. Choose items that will dissolve in mouths such as crackers or banana slices. At the same time all players lay the food item on their tongue. The object of the game is to have that food item on your tongue the longest. You don't want it to dissolve. After awhile it will and any passenger can offer a challenge to test someone by saying, "Seafood!!" If a challenge is issued, both players must open their mouths and the other players or parent in front seat is the judge. Whoever has a dissolved item is out or you can play by whoever has less in their mouth is out. Keep playing by adding different food items with remaining players. The last one left is the winner.

Water Tasting

How to play >> Evaluate the drinking water at every rest stop and gas station along the way. Make it fun and keep a chart. Go over everything from whether the water was clear, if it had a smell, was it refreshing? Use 1-10 scales with 10 being the best. If possible ask whether the water came from a river or well.


How to play >> Someone starts by announcing something like..."Which tv show takes place in Chicago" or "Which automobile manufacteur makes trucks?" Then the others answer. Each time someone else can choose the question.

What Did I Bring On My Trip?

How to play >> Each player takes a turn. The first person says, " I'm going on a trip and I'm bringing..." and the first item the first person says must start with an 'A' such as apples. Then the next person to go must say the same thing only the item he/she is bringing needs to start with a 'B'. The next person is C and so on. Keep going until you reach Z.